Born in 1952, Salih Yigit lived in Istanbul until 1971. He lived and worked in Germany between 1971 – 2001, where he worked for many years, primarily as a culture expert in several institutions of the Turkish community. At the university of Essen, he worked as a researcher focusing especially on ethnic and religious minorities in Germany. He staged his first play as producer, ‘One Bride for Two  Brothers’, a Rio-Reiser-Musical in 1995. In the same year, he founded his culture and art company named ArtNet / Artlive. Over about 5 years, he successfully staged more than 20 different cultural projects with his company. He stopped all his activities in Germany after a  serious heart condition in May 2000. In 2001 he returned to Istanbul. He was the consultant for various cultural and artistic works. In 2004 he produced two documentary movies: ‘Kushtepe Blues' and 'Laz Project - Impressions'. In late 2004 he went to sea in his yacht. Until 2007, he lived in the bays of the southern Aegean sea. In February 2007, he settled in Bozburun, a district of Marmaris. In 2008, he founded LODOS Culture Tourism Yachting and Publishing Trade LTD. LODOS serves as a Shipping Agency.